Sunday, October 10, 2010

Applying the bagua - Room by Room

Opening Your Feng Shui Eyes – Room by Room

If you’re just now joining us on our little feng shui journey, just jump right in. I’m working on organizing all my posts. Working on it.

Translation: it’ll be a while.

Today all you need is the Bagua map. bagua map


Did you pick an area to work on? That was the last exercise, remember?

If you didn’t, or you can’t decide between, say, Wealth & Creativity. Or Love & Career. No worries.

Tomorrow I’ll post a little quiz – a fun one, don’t worry – that’ll help you identify what areas (if any) you want/need to work on.

Today we’re going to focus our feng shui eyes a little bit more.

So to recap – the bottom 3 areas have little openings, representing doorways, right?

To figure out where your front door lies, walk outside, look at the entire front of your house, and see if your front door is more on the left (Knowledge), center (Career/Journey), or right (Helpful People).

From there, you now know how to apply the bagua to your house.

But what about each room? Yes, you can apply the bagua to each room by using the doorway as the direction to place the bagua.

Or you could even do a desk, a cubicle, a bureau. Or even the entire plot of your property.

Does this make sense?

So where do you start – the property, the house, or each room?

Start with your house. Adjustments made to the gua’s in the house tend to have more impact.

But for today I thought it’s be fun to look at each room and see how the bagua applies to it.

Why? Because when you choose a particular area to work on, for instance, Creativity, you’ll want to identify the middle area on the right side of each room. Then you can decide if it needs decluttering, cleaning, or what.

Prepare to be amazed.

Usually if there’s a fairly big issue in your life, each room will have problems in that section.


There are lots of other factors that we’ll get to, little by little.

For today, just walk to the doorway of each room and identify as many Bagua areas as you can.

I already know your next question . . .

What if there are 2 entrances to a room. Kitchens are famous for this.

Now what?

Well, it’s a judgment call. For you.

This is intuitive feng shui, which means it’s your intuition. Not mine.

I can’t feel your house, even from pictures.

But here’s how I do it. Try it. If it works for you, Great. If you find another way, Great.

My kitchen has 2 entrances, but I use the one I enter first thing in the morning. The one off the hall. Later in the day, I might enter thru the other one more often. But first thing in the day, I enter from the hallway.

And when I very first moved in, this was the entrance I used.

Was it validated?

Yep. My refrigerator is in Wealth & Prosperity. I had BBH pull it out so I could clean behind it. {UGH!!}

The same day – THE SAME DAY – I got a knock on the door from a lady who wanted to know if she could board her horse on our property for a few hundred a month.

Now I didn’t take her up on the offer. But it did validate that the refrigerator was definitely in the Wealth corner.

Usually it doesn’t happen this fast. Rarely. Hardly ever.

Just so you know, in case you think you’re doing something wrong if Publisher’s Clearing House isn’t knocking on your door.

I usually allow 2 weeks to see a shift in energy.

But we’ll get more into that later.

Today, just open your feng shui eyes, stand in the doorway of each room, and take a look at the areas of the Bagua in that room.

Oh, and if you can’t pick one area to work with, tomorrow I’ll post a fun little quiz.

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